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Hello fabulous peeps! As we are nearing the weekend and we all start the beauty prepping for Saturday night I thought I would review the  'Glove Your Body' tanning mitt. I am not normally a big fan of tanning mitts as they thin out very quickly and the tanning lotion gets onto my hands! NOT GOOD!

Glove your body is a luxury dual body tanning mitt and promises a streak free application. I love this bit, it also has a dual option so your friends or partner can help you apply to those hard to reach areas! I am sure the men of Ireland are delighted they will not have tan stained hands anymore!

It is also designed for LEFT HANDED people like me!!!! WHOOP!  I love a company that looks after us lefties.



The mitt looks lovely and it is warm too, we all know what its like standing naked in the bedroom freezing our butts off!  I have to say it was very easy to use and my tanning lotion went on smoothly and easily! It does absorb quite a bit of the product, you need to give it a good squeeze to get it back off onto your skin. I used it very quickly as I was in a hurry and did not really expect fabulous pins as a result but really it was not the worst first result and I may give them a second coating but that's not the mitts fault, that's me having a hungry baby beside me adding to my tanning pressure!  

The mitt has some unique features:

  • Finger sockets inside the mitt to stop it falling off during application, this works too!

  • My favourite - suitable for left handed people!  

  • Streak free

  • No more staining hands, so far so good!

  • Luxury fabric!

  • Uses less tanning lotion, simple squeeze the mitt to release any excess product!

  • Fast and easy to use!

  • Last for years - I will update you on that one!

  • Machine washable

  • Comes in its own handy travel bag!

All in all a great beauty tool that works and I will be using mine lots!


Retailing at €19.99 and available in all good chemists Nationwide.

Happy tanning and stay fabulous xxx 



t: @gloveyourbody

p: +353 1 835 7409

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