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Baby Shower Delights set up business 6 months ago and as a new mum I really love this idea, the Product is a Pre-Packed Maternity Bag.

Natasha the owner of Baby Shower Delights came up with the idea of this product after she was admitted into hospital early during her pregnancy and of course she had nothing packed or ready to go for herself or her new little baby. Natasha sent her husband off with a list of things she needed and despite his good intentions he still didn’t get it right (surprise surprise!) when it came to the little bits and pieces she needed!

Thinking afterwards Natasha thought about how nice it would be just to go online or pick up the phone and order all the things she needed in one go.  

So the Baby Shower Delights Maternity Bag was born!

I think the bag is fabulous for busy mums who just don’t have the time to go out and get all those essential little bits.  It is also great if you are in hospital unexpectedly and find yourself needing everything!

Of course it also makes a great gift!


The bag contains the following:

For Mum
A Baby Changing Bag
1 x Hand Towel
1 x Face Cloth
1 pk Maternity Pads
Breast Pads
Hair Brush
Hair Bobbins
Tooth Brush & Tooth Paste
Body wash
Comfy Socks
Pk of Tissues
Lip Balm
Glucose Sweets

For Baby
2 x Sleep Suits
2 x Body Suits
2 x Bibs
1 pair Baby Socks
1 x Hat
1 x Muslin Cloth
1 x Wash Cloth
Nappy Bags
Cotton Wool
Baby Shampoo
Baby Wash
Baby Powder

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