Bridal Trial & Questions for your Makeup Artist

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Bridal Trials and Questions to ask your Makeup Artist

I hope you are all keeping well and looking forward to the weekend!

I know that a lot of you are planning your weddings at the moment, as a professional makeup artist the biggest part of my work is bridal makeup. It is also my favourite.

I wanted to share with your some of my top tips for planning your makeup look on the big day.  One of the biggest parts of your wedding day is how you and your bridal party look and most importantly that you feel fabulous!  This is the one day that everyone is looking at you! Also remember all the photographs that will be taken and the fact that you will be looking back at these photos and how you looked for years to come!

Lots of brides do not think about their makeup and leave it to the last-minute to book an artist or decide to do their own makeup.  You spend thousands on your dress, venue and photographer,  your makeup should be a vital part of the planning process, you will look back at these photographs forever and your face is very important!

Book a makeup trial!

Many brides decide not to book a trial before their big day. Remember every makeup artist is different and they have their own unique style, if you are not happy with your makeup the day of your wedding it is too late to change your mind!  When choosing your artist have a look at their recent work and their style! This may not suit you, it is the same idea as picking your photographer, and they are all different.

Booking a makeup trial at least six months before your big day gives you the chance to create the perfect look for you and if you are not happy with the makeup artist you have time to look for another.

Your makeup artist should go through all your expectations for your look and guide you towards a look that suits you, your colour and theme of the day.

I suggest saving images of different makeup looks that you love create a Pinterest folder of all your favourites and show them to your makeup artist. Remember also to be realistic! A lot of photos you see are airbrushed and have the colour enhanced. Checkout my Pinterest page for some inspiration.

I know that cost is a big factor too, when choosing your artist do not automatically assume that cheap prices are top quality work. 

Some important questions to ask your bridal makeup artist:

• How far in advance do I need to book your services?

• Are you available on my wedding date?

• Do I need to pay a deposit to secure the date?

• What payment methods do you accept?

• Will you be available to do my bridal party’s/mum’s makeup on the same day?

• What happens if you’re ill, or unable to make it, on the wedding day?

• What is your cancellation policy?

• When is the final payment due?

• Do you offer a trial option without obligation?

• Will you travel to me for my trial?

• Can my bridesmaids/mum have a trial on the same day? What would be the additional cost?

• How long does the trial last? Is there a time limit?

• How many different looks can I have during a trial?

• Do you have a look/style you specialise in?

• What products/brands do you use?

• Am I allowed to bring a friend for a second opinion?

• Should I bring pictures of looks/styles I’d like for myself/my bridesmaids to the trial?

• If I change my mind about makeup after the trial, is there any charge for re-trial?

• Can you work with me if I have sensitive skin or allergies to certain products?

• If I’m going to tan for my wedding day, should I get a spray tan done before the trial?

• Should I have no makeup on when arriving for trial? What about moisturiser?

• How long will it take to do each makeup application on the morning of the wedding?

• Will you bring an assistant? Are there any extra charges?

• Are there any charges for travel/mileage/bank holidays?

• What should I do first on my wedding day – hair or makeup?

• Are false lashes included in the price?

• What about touch-ups for makeup on my wedding day? Do I need to purchase my own lipstick?

• Should I follow a particular skincare regime in the lead-up to the wedding day, and can you recommend the right products?

 If you would like view some of my portfolio or to book a bridal trial with myself or one of my professional team go to:

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